Alice Building Studio
Alice Building Studio dedicates to assist designers and companies with their 3D media needs.
Call us: 647-869-0816
At Alice Building Studio we build strong relationships with designers and collaborate with their team to assist with their 3D digital needs. Our clients are people that are looking for valuable and trusted visual creators that are a reliable resource for present and future visualization needs.
Our 3D design team has experience in digital editing. We use various modeling soft wares, such as 3DS MAX, MAYA, After-effects, Adobe Photoshop, Revit, AutoCAD and etc. Each project is tailored special for each client. Using Virtual Building technology, you will be able to visualize your project through the entire process. We are experienced in developing full sets of design development and construction documents all in Revit with the clients' design intent which could even be in hand sketches.
Want to explore a 3D wonderland, please feel free to contact us for more information.